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Nursing Homes & COVID-19

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

 Have you or someone you know been thinking about bringing your loved one home from their nursing home because you're worried that they may catch COVID-19? 

Good news - we are here to help you make that happen.  Call us and we will help you plan, including getting the house set up for them before they come home.

The main reason for staying in a care facility is requiring supervision and assistance around the clock. Depending on the situation you may not need to provide 24/7 supervision of your loved one can have instant access to help through a fall alert button like this one from Alert Sentry.

We like it because you pay monthly (starts at just $25), there is no contract so cancel whenever and if you order now you get free shipping! 

There are many types of alarms that can be used to help alert you about a loved one's movements. Here's a couple:

1. If you worry most at night when you think your loved one is asleep then use this pressure alarm under a mat so it sounds when they step ON it. 

2. Need to know before they get out of bed? Try a bed alarm that can be put under the bedsheet and will alert you when they move OFF of it. Learn More

This bench sits half outside the tub and half inside the tub making the transition into the shower easier. The bench eliminates the need to step over the tub and will help decrease the risk of falls. This bench has a seatbelt to help secure your loved one and will slide into the tub and lock in place helping ensure they are safe.

The length of the ramp you need depends on the height of your steps. We can help you determine the proper length of the ramp so that you can easily maneuver a wheelchair or walker to the door. The ramps can be placed in the most used entrance of your home.

If your loved one is going to sit on a chair in the tub/shower they also need a handheld shower. We always include an extra hook so it can be reached while seated. It's also great if you need to help them shower so you can control the water spray and stay dry! 


Proud to be your aging in place resource in Kansas City and Wichita for wheelchair ramps, shower chairs and everything in between!

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