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"Ohhhh! I didn't know that existed!"

Here are a few things we carry that aren't so well known. You don't know it can help if you don't know it exists! Don't worry, we will keep you updated!

Caregiver Cue Cards

Great for communicating with people with advanced dementia or language difficulties from a stroke.


Simple Touch Auto-Off Safety Outlet

Set each time for you want the appliance on. Will automatically go off after that time. Can set for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. No WiFi needed.


Automatic Pill Dispenser with Wifi

The dispenser will sound an alarm and lights will display for 30 minutes or until the device is turned over indicating that the pills for that time period have come out. The app will also notify the user when it is time to take medication and track medication use. The app will send reminders of what pills you are taking and when the prescription needs to be refilled.



Proud to be your aging-in-place resource in Kansas City and Wichita for wheelchair ramps, shower chairs, and everything in between!

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