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Devices to Keep Seniors Safe at Home

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Here are a few things we carry that aren't so well known. You don't know it can help if you don't know it exists! Don't worry, we will keep you updated!

Get hands free access to on and off buttons when you plug into a smart power strip. Works with Amazon Alexa, control appliances that are plugged in via an app. Also works without a hub by setting timers for each individual plug-in. Requires WIFi.


Alerts you when your loved one gets up and opens doors. Excellent if caring for someone with dementia.


Imagine the peace of mind knowing your stove can turn it’s self off and prevent a fire if someone forgets and leaves it on.



Proud to be your aging in place resource in Kansas City and Wichita for wheelchair ramps, shower chairs, and everything in between!

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