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Problem Solved: How to Get Dressed After Surgery

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

You've probably seen some adaptive dressing devices around a friend's or family member's home. How do you use them? What do these devices do? There are many different tools to use when getting dressed, so it can be confusing. There are dressing sticks, reachers, sock aids, zipper pulls, and many more. So it can be difficult to decide on which tool will be right for you or your loved one. So if you are struggling with these decisions let us know! We can help! And read below for more tips and tricks on making tough decisions on a variety of topics!

How to Get Dressed After Surgery?

Something that seems as simple as getting dressed can become extremely difficult, and you might find yourself changing what you wear because there is not always someone around to help. A reacher can help with retrieving clothes from a low drawer or pulling up pants so you don't have to reach down. If you have trouble getting to your feet to put on socks, a sock aid is a fantastic device to use to make this easier. It allows you to open your sock and then place the device on the floor and pull it up with its long handles. Buttons and zippers can be tricky too, but a button hook can help with buttoning your shirt. A zipper pull gives you a large handle to make it much easier to pull your zippers up and down.

Healthcare Decisions Support

You may know what kind of care you want towards the end of life. But have you actually verbalized these wishes to a loved one, medical team, or power of attorney? It is important that you let your loved ones AND medical team know your wishes when it comes to end of life and trauma care. Notifying your medical team will also take a lot of stress off your power of attorney and loved ones during a very difficult time for them.

Can't Reach Clothes

When someone is having difficulty dressing, the location, height, or placement of clothing can help. For example, if your bed is high it may be easier to get dressed on a shorter chair or sitting on the toilet. A small stool can assist you with reaching your feet and make putting on socks and shoes easier. Maybe you aren't getting dressed because you can't easily get to where your clothes are kept. Reorganizing, where you keep your favorite clothes, can be helpful. Small changes in the environment where we get dressed can make a huge difference!

How to be a good POA

Have you been asked to be a healthcare proxy or DMPA for someone? It can be difficult to make decisions for someone you care about, especially in regards to their health. A few helpful reminders are to make sure you ask questions if you do not understand what the medical team is telling you; make the best decision you can at the time, and try to comply with your loved one's wishes.


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