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Problem Solved: Designed for You

The right design can make a huge difference in a person's ability to function safely in their environment. Doorways, thresholds, door handles & counter heights seem like mundane choices but can actually be very challenging to some people. The good news is there is a design concept known as Universal Design, focused on ensuring people of any ability can access everything. Technology is also evolving to be of help with all kinds of daily tasks like eating, detecting falls and taking medicine.

Universal Design

The concept of universal design was created to help people of all abilities be able to use products without difficulty. Universal design takes into account different cognitive levels, mobility, and functional challenges and then designs a space that works for that ability level.

The main concepts are focused on making items such as doorways, light switches, and sinks easily accessible to all people without having to be singled out. Universal design can be seen in everyday items such as a digital thermometer that is flat instead of round to stay put under the armpits of children or that there is a raised bump on the number 5 on your phone or remote so it can be located by feel helping people with vision loss.

Simple Changes

There are some simple changes that can be made to your home to provide ease of use to everyone. Round door handles can be easily converted to lever handles allowing those with arthritis or carrying a laundry basket to open the door with ease. Shower thresholds can be a fall hazard, creating a zero-entry shower decreases the risk of falls for all using it. AccessAble Living is the expert at customizing these concepts for each individual. Check out our catalog for some of our favorite solutions.

Home Safety

Top technology companies are working to build computers & devices that can help provide a better understanding of someone's safety at home. These technologies can provide real-time health and safety data for someone at home alone to help predict the possible decline or risk of falls. That way intervention can occur, in advance, to prevent future, bigger issues.


Proud to be your aging-in-place resource in Kansas City and Wichita for wheelchair ramps, shower chairs, and everything in between!

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