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Problem Solved: Wheelchairs Come in All Styles & Sizes

It can be difficult to know what type of wheelchairs needed.  Don’t worry you aren’t the only one. There are many things to consider when looking for a wheelchair.  One is the weight of the wheelchair. This is so important whether pushing one's self or someone lifting it into the car.  

Another consideration is if a power wheelchair will be more effective than a manual wheelchair.  The cost can be a major factor when deciding on a wheelchair.  Medicare does pay for mobility devices (a wheelchair or walker) once every five years.  Does all this seem overwhelming?? Don’t worry we are here to help you through the process!

Standard Wheelchair

This type of wheelchair is the one most people picture when they think of a wheelchair. Even though this type is common there are some important things to consider when using one. Proper positioning in the wheelchair is vital to keeping the person safe and prevent pressure sores from forming. Ensuring the wheelchair is the correct size for the person is crucial to help ensure comfort for the person. If the use of the chair is going to be temporary and not daily this type of chair can be a good option because it can be obtained quickly.

If someone just needs a chair for "just in case" we often recommend buying a recycled one and using the insurance benefit when/if a custom one is really needed daily in the future.

Transport Wheelchair

A transport wheelchair can benefit caregivers when taking loved ones to appointments making it easier to lift the chair into the car.  It is also great if the person can walk but long distances are a challenge. Unfortunately, these chairs are not covered by insurance. So if you need one get it from us - new or recycled!

Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs can be beneficial for people that have cardiovascular issues or lack arm function to push a standard wheelchair.  Power wheelchairs have many features to facilitate independence with daily tasks.  We can help you figure out what features are best for you and then help you learn how to use them. Most importantly, we help you through the insurance process so it gets covered!

Custom Manual Wheelchairs

Did you know that custom manual wheelchairs are not just for those with a spinal cord injury? If the person has the strength to push a chair and needs to use the chair daily, a custom chair is always a better option than a standard chair because they are lighter and has all types of customizable features to make life easier when using it.

Like a power chair it requires an evaluation to get it covered by insurance but lucky for you that's one of the services we offer! Let us help get the process started today!

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We can certainly help with both of those items! If you will send an email to or give use a call at 816-301-5170 we can help you get started!

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I'm interested in Transport Wheelchair and I also want Mobility Wheelchair Aluminum Curb Threshold Ramp in Adjustable Height. Do you guys have this item too? Otherwise, I would have to buy from another store. My friend bought this from Vevor's online store, using a vevor coupon.

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