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Problem Solved: When to have the driving conversation?

Caregiving is a tough job and not one most people plan on. Often some big event happens that you are just thrown into it all of a sudden! Even though it can get overwhelming, it’s important to remember that if you are not well it will be more difficult to care for your loved one. Many tough conversations may come up during this time. One of the hardest is a talk with your client or loved one about driving. Read on to find tips on how to deal with this!

How can you care for yourself?

Mental health is trending these days and rightfully so! It is crucial to be attentive to your mental health especially if you have to help care for loved ones. One tip: even though it seems impossible - take a break for a while, especially if your loved one needs 24 hour care! You can have a friend, a student, or another family member stay with your loved one for a few hours each week. When people ask you how they can help use this link to have them sign up for a time to give you reprieve!

Safe Driving Older Adults

Here are some Tips to help Older Driver's Stay Safe on the Road:

1. Drive during daylight hours. 2. Don't drive when the weather makes road conditions tricky. 3. Plan your route ahead of time. 4. Opt to make turns at intersections with lights and turn signals. 5. Don't drive in unfamiliar areas

Care at Home

When caring for a loved one they may need additional assistance at home. There are several companies that can help provide assistance with household activities if needed. We can point you in the direction of companies we have worked with in the past, serve your area and provide a great service!

Want to check your driving skills?

Are you unsure of the safety of a client or loved one when driving? A certified driving specialist can perform a driving assessment and offer clinical recommendations. You can do this at the driving program at the Rehab Hospital of Overland Park. You also can get tips and tools to help maintain safe driving skills with the Beyond Driving with Dignity program through Senior Care Authority. Having an unbiased specialist or consultant have the conversation with your client or loved one about what is safe is often a great way to handle this touchy subject.


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