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Automatic Pill Dispenser w/ WiFi

  • The dispenser will sound an alarm and lights will display for 30 minutes or until the device is turned over indicating that the pills for that time period have come out. The app will also notify the user when it is time to take medication and track medication use. The app will send reminders of what pills you are taking and when the prescription needs to be refilled.
  • Home must have wifi in order for device to be connected and then to alert a cell phone using the app.
  • An Occupational Therapist will come and train the caregiver on the setup of the first set of pill and how to use the device safely so no need to worry about getting started! *No recommendations nor changes to medication regimen will be made. You will need to refer to your primary care physician for any questions.
  • The Pill Dispenser can be set up for up to 6 different alarms per day.
  • The dispenser can be locked, securing medication from being tampered with. This unit also has a rechargeable battery for traveling. The dispenser can also be plugged into a power supply using an AC adapter.
  • The application can be downloaded only for iOS device. This app allows for medications to be tracked and the user can be notified if they are late for a dose, missed a dose, and when it is time to take a dose. This application can be also used for care takers to monitor their loved one.