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How to Keep Moving At Home

As we age it can be difficult to continue to be active and maintain our strength and endurance. It becomes especially difficult if you have a significant health condition. The good news is there are easy effective exercises you can do at home to help improve strength and endurance as you age after a significant health event.

Balance Exercises

Maintaining and improving your balance will help reduce your risk of falls and decrease risk of injury. Some simple ways to improve balance include shifting your weight side to side and forwards and backwards this allows your body to focus on your center of gravity moving. Click the link for more simple exercises for balance.

Exercises for Stroke Patients at Home

Incorporating exercises after a stroke can seem overwhelming, however, performing them will have a significant impact on maintaining your strength and use of the affected limbs well after your stroke. Click the link to learn what exercises can improve your coordination.

Exercises to Improve Transfers

Transfers are getting up from one space and moving to another. If this becomes difficult don’t stress; there are a few exercises to focus on the specific muscles used for these movements. Click below to learn what they are.

Home Exercises for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Disease can affect many different aspects of your life. There are exercises that can significantly prove improve your ability to perform daily tasks. These exercises focus on making big movements. Want to know more about them. Click the link below for a follow along video.


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