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Problem Solved: Accessibility

Accessible and Universal Design may seem like the same thing, however, having something that is accessible to one person does not mean that it is accessible for all. Universal Design creates access for people of all abilities. Our focus is to make things accessible to a specific person at home. Universal Design vs. Accessibility At AccessAble living we make things accessible to you in your home. The solutions that work for one person does not mean that it will work for everyone. Making things accessible for you specifically works for someone just at their home, but what about going out of your home. This is where Universal Design comes into play. Universal Design makes going to the store, a museum, or other places accessible to people of all abilities. To find out more about the differences, click the link below.

For more on click below: Universal Design vs Accessible Design How to make Stairs Accessible

  1. Add Handrails

  2. Make sure there's adequate lighting

  3. Ensure there's contrast at the edge of each stair

  4. If needed, add a stairlift More Details

How to make a Bathroom Accessible

  1. Add grab bars

  2. Increase the height of the toilet

  3. Use a Shower Chair or tub bench as needed

  4. Use a handheld shower head Need Help with Ideas

How to Make a Kitchen Accessible

  1. Place items most used in easy to reach spaces

  2. Use lever handles or a touch to turn water on/off in sink

  3. Move the microwave to the counter

  4. Move knobs of stove to the front More Items

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