How We Help

We specialize in assessing and modifying homes for older adults and anyone with a disability. We reinvent current living spaces with simple, affordable solutions, provide education and create goals with our clients for their continued success.

Schedule a home assessment with us. Allow us the opportunity to provide you with the best options for your patient or loved one to live safely and maximize their independence. After our initial assessment, we provide clinical recommendations in writing, then install the equipment and/or make home modifications and educate the best methods for use. 

Our services are completely customizable so we can find solutions for patients and caregivers, homeowners and renters, houses and apartments. We can even get started when the client is still in the hospital so things can be ready upon their arrival home.


Call us today so we help your patient or loved one adjust with peace and confidence. 


Meet Our Founder

Dr. Brandy ​Archie has provided relief to those needing​ assistance as a licensed occupational therapist for over 10 years. During her work, it did not take long for her to notice a common frustration among her clients. Many were limited by their environment and would be frustrated by their inability to change it. Acquiring equipment to assist with activities of daily living can become daunting. Dr. Archie was also aware of the fact that when it comes to safety, it is important to have customized assistance; from decision-making to in-home installation. 


During her journey, she has learned that arming clients with the right knowledge and appropriate equipment ultimately helps them live more independently. Dr. Brandy Archie founded AccessAble Living with her husband, Zachariah. Their goal is to bring empowering transformations to the people in their hometown of Kansas City.

Meet The Team

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Our Mission

AccessAble Living provides seniors & persons with a disability with the necessary equipment, remodeling & resources to live safely at home in Kansas & Missouri.

Our clients feel empowered to live life the way they want while caregivers and loved ones feel confident that they are safe!

Our Standard of Service


We Make Equipment Happen

After having the opportunity to sit with us during our initial home assessment, our clients receive a solution to their living necessities. Clients will walk away with a clear, prioritized list of the equipment and resources that will be most helpful to their independence. The client then has an opportunity to decide what equipment is most beneficial to them. We also provide a variety of refurbished equipment at a discounted price to accommodate the financial needs of our clients. Installation and equipment education is at no cost to our clients.

Trusted Resources

Although having equipment in the homes of our clients is a huge aid, we understand that, for some, it is not the end of needed assistance. If necessary, the prioritized solutions of our clients will include referrals to trusted area resources so that all needs can be met. Of these trusted resources, Access Personal Care is a premier provider of in-home care at little to no cost so that our clients will not have to relocate.


Free Clinical Home Assessment

Leave your name and number using the contact form and one of our safety experts will give you a call within 24 hours. We will get you on the schedule right away so that your patient or loved one can take their first step toward regaining and maximizing their independence.



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Home Assessor

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