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Whether you are a caregiver or a clinician, we have services to help patients become mobile and enjoy their lives without limits.



Our services improve the care and coordination in your discharge plan, decrease hospital readmission rates, and improve independence at home even with chronic and degenerative diseases! 

Concerned about a patient's home setup?

We can do an in home assessment even before they discharge!

Want a shortcut to the best equipment?

Order through AskSAMIE and get the products delivered ASAP

Refer the patient to us for an in home assessment which we will coordinate directly with the patient or family. Then we will provide written documentation to you, which can be used for your treatment and discharge planning. 

Contact us in whichever way is most convenient for you.
Fax a referral: 816-929-6321
Call or text us at: 816-301-5170


In home assessment $75

Virtual Assessment $49

Self Assessment: Free at AskSAMIE



Caring for a loved one that has mobility concerns can place a huge weight on your shoulders.


We have clinicians who specialize in home safety that will visit the home and determine the needs of your loved one so they are able to live at home as independently as possible. 


Rest easy, we install the equipment needed. Then we will teach you and your loved one how to best use the equipment and we provide any community resources your loved one may need. 


We understand how important it is to have the ability to live in an ideal environment - no matter the situation.


Schedule your assessment or give us a call today.



You could find adaptive equipment from many retailers but our catalog is curated to provide only the items that qualify as Dr. Archie Approved: user-friendly, customizable to the needs and have proven durability. 


We stand behind the products we recommend and work to ensure they are the best fit for each client, specifically. To get customized solutions, schedule a free home assessment now. Or if you have already been given a recommendation from a clinician check out our catalogue.

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