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What is Occupational Therapy?

What the Heck is OT?

April is OT Month! Occupational therapy is the profession that does the problem-solving to help one accomplish their daily tasks, also called occupations. Occupations can be anything you do in a day, from going to get your newspaper, feeding the dog, or taking a shower. An Occupational Therapist can assist you finding ways to accomplish all these tasks. Occupational Therapists want you to participate in activities that are needed and those that you enjoy. If you are struggling to perform a task that used to be very simple, contact us! We are founded and led by occupational therapists So let our problem-solving expertise help you stay home worry-free. Click the link to find out more about changing your home to fit your needs!

How to find Equipment?

Sometimes, a simple piece of equipment is all you need to be able to accomplish a task. We can help determine the equipment you may need by conducting a clinical assessment of your home, using our Occupational Therapy background. Equipment can be simple or complex. Examples might range from a book light to an oven puller to help you pull out an oven rack. I need equipment!

Healthy Communities

This week is National Public Health Week. One of the main focus topics is being prepared. Occupational Therapists are a key part of public health as we help people solve life problems in all types of contexts: hospitals, rehab centers, city planning for accessibility and advocating for accessibility for all with local policy makers! Learn More

Home Safety

Occupational Therapists are a unique and vital part of the hospital process. Studies within the health care system show that higher occupational therapy spending reduces the risk of readmission for many patients with chronic medical conditions. OTs Vital Role

Occupational Therapy in the News

Occupational therapists work with business owners at Pizzability to design menus, dining equipment and lounges so people of all abilities can not only eat there, but work in the business. Restaurant Focuses on Access for All!

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