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How Did AccessAble Living Begin?

Founder's Story

Many of you may recognize our owner's face and name Dr. Brandy Archie, but you may not know why she began this company. Her experience being an Occupational Therapist in home health led her on a path on owning her own equipment company. Keep reading to hear more of her story.

How AccessAble Living Began

Dr. Brandy Archie was working as a home health Occupational Therapist. In her time doing this, she would recommend equipment to her clients, and their loved ones as needed. The clients would try to find the items, but somehow would end up with a piece of equipment that was not quite right for the client. Either they could not find the items she said and would purchase something else that looked similar, or they would decide when looking that one piece of equipment seemed better than the other. This event made it difficult for the client to accomplish the goals Dr. Brandy had set for them.

Why AccessAble Living?

As time has gone on, the team has expanded from just Dr. Brandy Archie to several others that have a background in Occupational Therapy. The advantage of having OTs asses the home is that they are trained in adapting environments to make you safe and independent. The team now consists of several home evaluators and a location in Wichita. Find out more about our Wichita location

How We Help Older Adults

As Occupational Therapy practitioners, we are trained in how to help you adapt things to help you be safe and independent at home. OT focuses on helping make sure you are accomplishing the tasks that you need and enjoy to do in the home. More Information!

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