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Problem Solved: Bathroom Safety

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

We all use it multiple times a day but it can be one of the most hazardous places in the home. The bathroom is the most commonplace for people over age 85 to fall especially around the toilet. Also, 85% of falls in the elderly result in an actual injury with women at a higher risk!

The good news is we have some simple solutions below to prevent those falls altogether!

What Equipment Do I Need?

Depending on what difficulty you may have with your toilet there are a variety of options. A toilet safety frame can give you an extra hand getting up, if the toilet is too low a raised toilet seat, or commode over the toilet may be helpful.

There are several types of commodes and toilet seats so that's why you should schedule a free home assessment so we can recommend the right one!

If there is an issue with cleaning well, a simple bidet will solve the problem! A lack of lighting at night is a huge fall risk and a nightlight in the bathroom can help!

Gotta Hurry?

Sometimes you just can't make it to the bathroom in time or maybe it's just not safe for you to do at that time.

There are urinals for males which are commonplace, but did you know there are urinals for women also?

These have a little different design to fit a woman's needs.

Prevent Urine on Bed and Chairs

Worried about a mess being made on the bed or a favorite chair? We have a solution for you. "Chucks" or disposable pads can be placed in case of an accident to prevent soiling your furniture or having to wash your sheets constantly!


Hello Wichita!

We have expanded to the Wichita area. If you have family or loved ones in Wichita and surrounding areas that you feel could benefit from a home assessment please let us know. We are excited to continue helping people stay at home in Wichita!

Proud to be your aging-in-place resource in Kansas City and Wichita for wheelchair ramps, shower chairs and everything in between!


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