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Problem Solved: Bathroom Ideas for Disabled and Elderly

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Being able to safely access your sink, tub, and/or shower is really important to help people stay living at home longer. There are several easy and simple ways to adapt these things in a home. Read below for more ideas!

How to get in a tub?

Tubs can be tricky especially when you love to bathe but are having a hard time getting out of the tub. But there are several things you can do to make a tub more accessible.

1. A tub transfer bench will make it so you don’t have to step over the edge of the tub and risk losing your balance. 2. If you like to soak but have difficulty getting out we have a seat that will raise and lower you into the tub. (pictured) 3. If there are sliding glass doors on your tub these can make it more difficult for you to get in and out. But removing and replacing them with a shower curtain for easier access is a trick we use all the time! I need help picking a bench

Safety Ideas for Showers

Showers, just like a tub can be tricky to navigate as we age. Here are a few tricks to reduce the risk of falling:

1. Put down non slip strips or a non-slip mat inside the shower. 2. Use a shower chair instead of standing. This is helpful even if you are capable of standing in the shower so energy can be saved for other things during the day. 3. Install grab bars. A well-placed grab bar can help you keep your balance when washing up.

Trying to figure out what’s right for you or someone you know? Let us handle it. We offer a free home assessment just for that purpose! Schedule a free home assessment

How do you get to the sink in a wheelchair?

Most people don't think about how difficult it could be to get to a sink to wash your hands when you are having trouble with mobility. Maybe it's to sponge bathe or just simply to brush teeth. It can be extremely difficult if using a wheelchair. Here are a few tips:

1. Remove cabinets under the sink or install a pedestal sink to allow for someone sitting to get close to the sink.

2. Add a faucet extender that makes the water flow closer to the person for better access.

3. Choose lever handles instead of knobs to make turning the water on/off easier.


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