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Problem Solved:Get Your Clients Moving!

People with limited mobility have a hard time getting up and down or maybe just with aging they then forget to do something.  We have lots of solutions to ensure their safety and help them remain safe in their home as long as possible.  There are some simple gadgets to help lock doors, ramps to assist with getting out, and many ways/ideas to help get them out to their doctor's visits. 

Rushing anywhere, especially to the door every time someone comes can cause a person to fall.  Here are a few ideas to help with this.

1. You can have a key code lock on the door that way all trusted people can enter the code to unlock the door. 

2. Install a remote control entry lock that is like a garage door opener.  The person can just hit the button to lock/unlock the door from up to 100 feet away.  This is great for clients without wifi in the home.

3. Install a wifi enabled lock. This works great if wifi and a cell phone are in use because it can work from anywhere! Learn more about these locks

Getting your clients to come to doctor's appointments and other services can be a real barrier to proper care.  Refer your clients to some of these:

1. Jewish Family Services' JET Express works within the KC metro.

2. The OATS Bus is usually available everywhere in the greater metro that does not have  Kansas City address.

3. The Lyft app has an option for healthcare appointments and you can request cars that carry wheelchairs if needed. 

Ride In Sight Organization has made a list of options by zip code.  Check them out here. Get a Ride.

It is difficult to push a walker or a wheelchair over thresholds.  Your clients may be able to navigate their home but struggle with getting the walker or wheelchair over thresholds.  Simple, portable threshold ramps are a great gadget help make a smoother transition for people to get out to their back porch or just out the door. I need a ramp!

People with limited mobility can feel isolated and alone at times.  Some good ways you can recommend that family and friends interact with them without having to go out are:

1.  Share music with them

2.  Eat a meal with them and make it a weekly date

3.  Bring young children to visit and have them play a game or help them do something around the home

4.  Read aloud to them

5.  Reminisce over photos or past experiences. More Ideas Here

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