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Problem Solved: Improve Your Sleep Quality

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Sleep is important for your body to heal, rest, and re-energize. This makes it even more important right now as we keep our bodies strong to decrease the severity of symptoms if we get sick.

Here are 3 ways to improve your sleep:

1. Make your bedroom comfortable and relaxing.  This signals your body it is time to start winding down.  

2. Make sure your room is cool, has little to no light, and your bed is comfortable. 

3. Keep down the noise is in your room at night; some people may prefer complete silence while others may need a noise machine. 

Learn more about ways we can help you accomplish the ideal sleep environment below!  

Improving Sleep Comfort

Many people have trouble sleeping flat on their backs during the night.  People with chronic pain, breathing issues, or acid reflux can benefit from using a wedge pillow to lft their head slightly and improve quality sleep.  A bed wedge can also be used to elevate your legs to decrease edema if needed. I could use a bed wedge!

It is important to have your main lights turned down low prior to sleeping to help your body prepare for the night and get ready for sleep. These night lights are motion activated to allow you to still see if you need to get up yet are dim enough to let your body know it's time to settle down. I need some lighting help!

Electronics and Sleep

Electronics emit just enough light to signal the brain it is time to wake up rather than go to sleep.  Our bodies are trained to wake and sleep with the sun.  Almost everyone has electronics in the bedroom just try to limit your use of them as you get ready for bed to improve your ability to fall asleep. Instead, try reading a book with a lamp with warm color temperature. Compare the different color temperatures of bulbs here and learn how a simple bulb change can help you!

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