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Problem Solved: Safety Tips At Home

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

A new year is a great time to evaluate how you or your loved ones are doing at home, make a plan on how to change things that are difficult, and talk to your loved ones about your goals. We have some suggestions on ideas to help get you started.

How To Talk To Your Loved Ones About Needs

Make a plan this year to work on the things that are difficult or worry you with a loved one so they can assist as needed. This will help you and your loved one create more peace of mind and hopefully less stress. Planning to overcome your difficulties can be trying, if you are not sure what to do, reach out to someone you trust to help make a plan. Your plan may include having home health, getting new equipment, or just talking with your doctor. Your loved ones can help keep you on track and help you to reach your goals plus help keep you safe at home.

Medication Compliance

Improper doses or use of prescription medications is a major cause of injury and hospitalizations in older people. Creating a system where medication can be taken easily is one major change that will greatly improve your safety at home. One solution is also setting an alarm on your phone to help you remember to take the medications at the proper times. There are many different types of pill organizers that can alert you at appropriate times to take medications.

Assistive Devices Needed

In our line of work, we run into all kinds of people, and we have heard this line many times - "I don't use my walker/cane inside." Our response is normally - you will have less risk of falling if you do. If you use a walker or cane to walk using in your home will help reduce fatigue with mobility and reduce your chance of falling in your home. Make a plan to use your assistive device in your home to help keep you out of the hospital.

Move Your Body

Sometimes as we age we tend to slow down and not do as much as we used to. This is a normal part of aging, however, we want you to maintain your strength even if you are resting more. Having a regular exercise routine is key in maintaining your strength and mobility as we age. There are many different types of exercise, just find one that you enjoy doing and will be able to perform multiple times a week. Even simple home tasks can become an exercise program. See our picture on how to make household chores exercises.


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