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Problem Solved: How to Reduce Impact of Vision Loss

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Low vision can cause a person to become less active in their everyday activities.  It can be difficult for someone with low vision to even eat a complete meal.  And sometimes, sadly people just stop reading altogether.  Don't worry we have some ideas, tools, and simple changes that can help.

Adaptive Aids for Vision Loss

There are few simple things you can do to help someone with low vision maintain independence.

1. Don't move furniture around and try to avoid clutter on the floors. This allows them to navigate by memory since it is difficult to see.

2. Provide high contrast during meal times. Having a white plate on a dark placemat helps them tell the difference of the edges.

3. Use raised bright buttons as markers for the washing machine and dryer, microwave, and faucet in the shower.  These buttons provide tactile feedback letting them know they have it right. 

4. Use large print calendars and address books with a bold writing pen to help them keep appointments and dates. More Tips Here

Lighting and Low Vision

The correct lighting can help someone with low vision to see the task they are trying to accomplish. Freestanding lamps or desk lamps directed at the task, not the eyes, are the best. Also, the type of light in the lamp makes a big difference.  LED lights provide a great bulb option for these lamps providing they have a shade over them to the direct the light downward.

Reading Aids for Adults with Low Vision

Technology is great and now allows people with low vision to have books read to them.  There are several options for this including an e-reader device, a smartphone, or an Alexa.   Each of these allows books to be purchased in audio form.  For Missouri residents, the Wolfner Library provides a free listening device and books on tape to a person by mail.  Wichita also has this same service available through the Kansas State Library.  

Have a loved one suffering from low vision?  Join Dr. Brandy Archie to learn about effective solutions to help improve your loved one's ability to function better at home.  The class will be held on Sept. 14, 2020, from 8:30-11:30 at Johnson County Community College.

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