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We make your job easier & your clients happier!

AccessAble Living can provide wheelchair assessments for your clients. Then after the assessment, we can help them learn how to use the wheelchair in their home. Our teams' background as Occupational Therapists provides us a unique insight into other areas of the home that may become a problem.  We will ensure they can still maneuver in the home and access everything that they need.  AccessAble Living can also help provide them with any other equipment that they need, including ramps!

Wheelchairs and Sinks

As we mentioned above our team of Occupational Therapists can help assess other problem areas the client may have and help address them as needed.  If your client is a full-time wheelchair user they may need help with ideas on how to access the sinks, get into bathrooms, and transfer to the bed. Let us help them! 


With a wheelchair, most clients need a ramp. Keep your referrals in the house! When we do the evaluation we can also sell the ramp to get in and out of the house making the process super simple for your clients.

Power wheelchairs also need equipment to transport them by car or references to use public transportation. When we work with your client to connect those dots as well.

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